Near Realtime Weather Satellite Imagery

Fremington Weather Station
Altitude: 24 m AMSL Latitude: N 51° 04' 08" Longitude: W 004° 07' 51"
The meteorological day at this station is the 24hr period from midnight to midnight.

Meteosat 0° Imagery Composite (RGB) Natural Colour
EUMETSAT Visible Colour

The colour composite RGB image makes use of three channels: VIS0.6, VIS0.8 and NIR1.6. In this colour scheme, vegetation appears greenish because of its much larger reflectance in the VIS0.8 channel (displayed in Green) than in either the NIR1.6 channel (displayed in Red) or VIS0.6 channel (displayed in Blue). Water clouds with small droplets have large reflectance in all three channels, and hence appear whitish, while snow and ice clouds appear cyan because ice strongly absorbs in NIR1.6 (less signal in the Red colour). Bare ground appears brown because of the larger reflectance in the NIR1.6 than in the VIS0.6, and the ocean appears black because of the low reflectance in all three channels.

Meteosat imagery aids weather forecasting in the swift recognition and prediction of dangerous weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, fog and explosive development of small but intense depressions which can lead to devastating wind storms.
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